Caddo River Levels/Conditions


Caddo River

River Levels and Conditions

A small guide to let you to know more about the different river levels

and what to expect on the river during those levels.



8.5 to 6.5 Feet

Need to be experienced, kayaks Only, no children under 16 advised.

The River is up in the timber, it is over most of the rocks and VERY fast,

strong current.


6.4 to 6 Feet

Need to be experienced, we start letting some canoes go out.

We advise 16 and over still at this level. No Children.

Some of the rocks and starting to show, making better rapids.

This is a more adventurous trip at this level.

Still a very fast and strong current, but FUN if you are experienced.

At this level, kayaks are still the better choice. Good for tubes.


5.11 to 5.5 Feet

Canoes are good, still fast, still strong current. Children can come with

experienced adults. This level is over all the most fun for canoes and kayaks.

A very nice “flowing experience” on the water, not a lot of paddling. GREAT

for tubing.


5.4 to 5.1

Average, good for canoes, kayaks and tubes. Good level also for less experienced

as well as the expert, still a VERY fun float. A few spots are getting shallow at this point.

5.0 and below

Starting to get low, some dragging involved. Need to travel light and consider a shorter

canoe trip, still GOOD for tubes.

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